Clickoline offers various integrated targeting options which allow you to target your campaigns even more precisely. Clickoline also supports all major external targeting providers such as, Wunderloop and n.e.r.o.

  • Geo/IP
    The geo targeting used by Clickoline can reach precisely the region you would like to reach, from very big regions (German states) to very small ones (towns). The level of precision in Germany is currently very precise at ca. 75%.
  • User Profile
    Clickoline is one of the few ad servers in the market with built-in user profile targeting. With this individual users can be targeted specifically and individually based on defined criteria such as age, gender, income or interests; campaigns can therefore be targeted very precisely.
  • Re-Targeting
    You can find out more about Re-Targeting here.

Clickoline supports a wide range of targeting options:

  • Provider
  • Bandwidth
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Language
  • Parameter-targeting
  • Third-party-provider intergration
  • And many more

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