Solution for publishers

Just right for you because …

  • Complete control over all campaigns and advertisements
  • No need to wait a long time for reports – all figures set out clearly and available immediately
  • All tools under one roof: Display, Video, Affiliate, AdSense, and many more
  • Sales increase significantly thanks to strong optimisation
  • And the most important thing:
    Save up to 30% in costs and work time

Increase your profits through optimisation

Clickoline provides you with a range of optimisation features. Use the automatic control to optimise earnings and maximise your profits. Take advantage of the extensive targeting options and frequency cappings. more …

Google AdSense interfaces

Utilise the new interface with Google AdSense in order to distribute the Google partner network advert via your Clickoline ad server, and thereby increase your income!

Real-Time Bidding

The Real-Time Bidding module allows you to sell advertising space in relevant marketplaces in real time. The customer bids for each individual insertion are obtained live and as a result the best possible price is achieved. Achieve optimal utilisation and the best possible sales revenue for your advertising space thanks to real-time bidding with Clickoline. more …

Forms of advertising

With Clickoline you never run out of ideas and have a choice of  banners in many available sizes, layers, popups, popunders or special forms of advertising such as video ads/prerolls, interstitials or banderole ads. Clickoline also provides you with support with simple wizards and clever tools. more …

Personalised Dashboard

With Clickoline’s new Dashboard you also have more flexibility for your ad management. Our new Dashboard presents campaign figures and network messages with the help of individually configurable widgets. Keep an eye on your key figures. Adjust the Dashboard to meet your requirements and keep track.

Find out more about how you can optimise your ad management processes and maximise profits with Clickoline.

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