Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding is the new buzz phrase in online marketing and Clickoline is at the forefront as one of the first German ad server providers!

What is real-time bidding?

Real-time bidding is the bidding for advertising insertions in real time. The auctioning ad server asks the customer servers for each individual insertion and obtains bids. The bids are retrieved and evaluated in milliseconds. The highest bidder wins the auction and the insertion.


  • Optimal utilisation of ads
  • The best price is always achieved
  • Booking information exchanged live
  • Cherry picking possible (you only have the insertions you really want)
  • Collaboration with various platforms possible
  • Easy integration into existing processes as a normal campaign
  • Frequency capping, targeting and optimisation can be directly used at the same time
  • Use of Clickoline for all RTB applications possible:
    • Deman-Side-Platform (DSP)
    • Sell-Side-Platform (SSP)
    • Trading desk / agency platform
    • Marketplace / ad marketplace
    • Yield optimiser / income optimisation
    • etc.

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