Clickoline is one of the first providers to integrate extensive re-targeting functions which allow you to recognise users and target them with special offers. This increases the relevance of the advertising for the individual user and those who have stopped buying can be targeted with special offers.

Customised Banners & Data Protection

Clickoline understands the fears of users and therefore provides the individual user with a high degree of data protection and security. For this reason no private data is linked to the targeting or used in any other way.

In spite of our high data protection standards, Clickoline is still able to use re-targeting techniques:

  • Users can be flagged and recognised
  • Products which a user has viewed in a shop can be integrated live and automatically in banner templates
  • Clickoline can recognise similar products and add product suggestions to items that have been viewed


You can download our current whitepaper on re-targeting here.

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