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Marketers & networks
Advertisers & agencies
  • Easy administration, quick reporting
  • All customers at a glance
  • Increase revenue with better optimisation
  • Special forms of advertising or video advertising easily integrated
  • Extensive targeting functions

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  • Optimised processes specifically for marketers
  • Extensive targeting and optimisation functions
  • Better usilisation and higher renvenue due to greater optimisation
  • Extensive automation and marketer-specific workflows
  • Integrated CRM for customer and publisher aquisition

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  • All sales channels combined in one system (affiliates, display, video, …)
  • Comprehensive reports and detailed analyses
  • Genuine Live Statistics
  • Easy to handle and user-friendly workflow
  • Many powerful functions for targeting and optimisation

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What opportunities are provided by Clickoline?

Clickoline is an ad serving system, a professional ads server providing all of the important functions. It is stable, flexible and allows very efficient ad management.

Clickoline has been designed specifically for the needs of publishers, online marketers & networks as well as advertisers & agencies and allows you to manage for example as many customers, campaigns or advertising media as you like. The system also does not limit the number of publishers, websites and advertising spaces. Campaigns can be booked quickly and easily in Clickoline, delivered automatically and optimised by the system. You can also use all modern forms of advertising such as banners (GIF, JPG, Flash), HTML advertising media (including iframes, external scripts), popups/popunders, layers, video ads and various special forms of advertising.

Adserver supports you in all the online marketing areas: Display advertising, Mobile, Video, SEM, Newsletter or Affiliate – regardless of the campaigns types, all of them can be managed and analyzed with Clickoline.

The advantages of online marketing for you

Clickoline ensures that you are at all times in the picture concerning all events and can therefore benefit from the advantages of online marketing at all times. In order to monitor your results, you can at any time display all of the statistics and campaign tracking live by customer, campaign, advertising medium, publisher, website etc. There are also many ways to optimise the available inventory and campaigns that have been booked or are already underway. Various targeting options such as time or geo targeting can be used, Adserver also supports Re-targeting or the newest functions as RealTime-Bidding.

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